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Techtree : Gunnar Eyewear – Hype Or Reality?


The Gunnars!!! "Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear designed to protect, enhance and optimize your vision”. "Snake oil...” shouted my Ed, "...there's nothing such as this”. If you are as sceptical as my Editor, I wouldn't blame you. After all, how can yellow tinted glasses help your eyes when staring at the screen? And why am I so interested in checking Gunnars out (other than for the sake of curiosity)?

Time for a little flashback... Back in 2003, when I was playing GTA:Vice City a little too much, my eye doctor highly recommended glare reducing spectacles for me, this, in spite of having 20/20 vision. From then till now, I've always worn glasses when sitting in front of the computer to reduce eye-strain. Therefore I was keenly interested in trying out this 'off-the-shelf' solution than the ones I get made through the local shop next to my house.