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dna India - GUNNAR Optiks: First Impressions


With the growth of technology getting more and more rapid every day, the number of jobs and activities associated with technology are also rising. The result of this is that we spend a lot of time exposed to high-energy visible [HEV] artificial blue light. If you are like me and you spend a lot of time looking at different electronic devices, you would have experienced some eye strain and resultant discomfort.

In the market today, there are two different solutions to this problem - f.lux and Gunnar Optiks. The reason I chose to try Gunnar and not f.lux is because a software solution would not be feesable for me as I cannot install f.lux on devices which it doesn't support and therefore I turned to Gunnar.

The device I decided to review was the GUNNAR Steelseries Scope Gaming Eyewear. As I still haven't experienced the effects of long term use I cannot talk about them just as yet but in terms of short term usage, these are a couple of things that become apparent - more contrast, improved clarity and better hydration for the eyes.For these aspects alone these glasses are worth it.