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GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear with optics by Carl Zeiss Vision delivers a powerful visual advantage for the most demanding digital users. GUNNAR eyewear is proven to reduce the symptoms of Digital Eye Fatigue by minimizing eyestrain and visual stress caused by computer, PDA or video game usage.

By incorporating Carl Zeiss Vision’s cutting-edge customized lens technology, GUNNAR Rx lenses are optimized for each unique prescription to deliver unparalleled visual performance.

Single Vision Lens (SV)

Advanced Rx Solutions for Digital Eye Fatigue Exclusively by Carl Zeiss Vision.

Designed specifically for single vision wearers who are avid computer users or gamers, GUNNAR HD SINGLE VISION lenses provide the clearest vision possible for today’s digital world.

GUNNAR HD SINGLE VISION lenses incorporate Carl Zeiss Vision’s premium customized high-definition optics. With technically superior geometry optimized for each prescription, GUNNAR HD SINGLE VISION lenses deliver unsurpassed clarity and wider peripheral viewing without the compromises of traditional Rx lenses.

GUNNAR’s fRACTYLTM wrap configuration limits air flow near the eyes, creating a high humidity area which keeps the eyes moist and prevents irritation.



Avid Gamers

1: Choose RX Compatible Frame

Head to the Product Catalog page. Find the style that suits you. RX Compatible frames are also indicated with the symbol RX.


2: Find Eye Information

Visit your local optician to get your eyes checked for the eye information we need to make your GUNNARS with strength. The required information is in the PDF form for single (SV) vision lenses. Download form and fill the eye information


3: Send Enquiry

Send your RX information to the USA laboratory at rx@gunnars.com. They will get back to you with the availability and the cost for the same.

  * Since we do not handle any RX queries in india any more. The RX service is a direct dealing between the customer and the headquarters in USA.