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GUNNAR Optiks Advanced Outdoor Eyewear is a technical eyewear solution that optimize your vision when viewing electronics in the outdoors.

Whether you are at the beach with your iPad for long hours, piloting a Cessna cross country, or driving with your nav screen activated, GUNNAR eyewear helps minimize eye fatigue while viewing digital screens in the outdoors. GUNNAR Advanced Outdoor Eyewear creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience for anyone who extends their digital life beyond the office or the home and into natural lit environments.

Outdoor Lens Tints


Designed to reduce the total light transmitted, this lens excels in harsh or highly lit environments. This tint and coating combination is engineered for digital viewing in bright light and outdoor applications.


Particularly designed for medium light outdoor environments, this lens gives great visibility to dashboard mounted nav screens, digital heads-up display, and avionics.



Bright light outdoors causes the iris of the eye to contract, making backlit screens difficult to see.


IONIK Outdoor Lens Tints have a gradient from top to bottom to reduce the amount of light entering the eye from above while allowing light to enter the eye from screens in the lower field of view.


Viewing of digital screens in the outdoors improves. Especially effective for digital dashboards, avionics, or mobile electronics in the lower field of view, IONIK Outdoor Lens Tints filters the overabundant ambient light but allows light from the screen to pass through.



Viewing LCD screens with polarized eyewear can cause distortion and produce unwanted visual effects. In some cases, polarized eyewear completely prevents viewing of the screen, causing safety issues in critical situations.


IONIK Lens Tints manage glare without polarization.


In a cockpit or driving with active electronics, GUNNAR eyewear enhances digital screen viewing without issues caused by polarization. Heat treated windshields no longer appear “rainbowed”. With critical information more readily available, drivers and pilots enjoy increased safety. Use of GUNNARS conforms to FAA mandate to avoid polarized eyewear in the cockpit.