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We’re often asked about the differences between our gaming and office styles, and the answer is simple: the lens tech is the same across the board, and it’s all about the shape and design of the frames. Here are some more details to better explain each category:



GUNNAR Gaming Styles are engineered with the avid video game player in mind. Sleek, performance-based silhouettes designed to add a tactical advantage. Each of our gaming styles are specifically designed for the rigors of being in front of a computer for long, intense hours. Here are a few highlights of what makes our gaming styles unique:

Gaming vs Computer
  • Designed for long-term use associated with the gaming and tech communities
  • Lightweight and durable frame materials
  • Ultra-slim and flexible temple sleeves to accommodate headphone integration
  • Heavier lens wrap-around frame design to better prevent dry eyes


GUNNAR Office Styles are designed with more traditional flare. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, GUNNAR is here to help everyone who spends any significant amount of time in front of a digital device. Our office styles are unique for these reasons:

Gaming vs Computer
  • More traditional frame designs ideal for general computer and electronic device users
  • Engineered and detailed frames using strong, lightweight materials
  • Classy, contemporary styles that appeal to a variety of different looks, and designed to fit most faces
  • Option to use crystalline lenses instead of amber for those who need to have a pure color palette