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GUNNAR Optiks markets its patent pending lens design under the registered trademark, i-AMP lens technolgy.i-AMP represents the unique comibination of lens material, lens geometry, lens tints, and lens coatings, that have been optimized for the vieweing of digital devices.

SteelSeries Desmo | Onyx Orange
Lens Geometry [FRACTYL]

GUNNAR over the counter eyewear is a low power, single vision solution in a high wrap con guration. All versions of GUNNARs Advanced Computer Eyewear incorporate +0.2D spheri-cal power. The plano TRANSCOPIC version has been discontinued. Most styles in the over the counter program use 8 base lenses, however a select number of styles use 6 base to better t atter faces and to accommodate a wider range of prescription. This combination of low power and high wrap is a key component to relax focus and to provide additional humidity in the ocular pocket. The lens design is marketed under the trade name FRACTYL Lens Geomery.



Edge | Onyx
Lens Material [DIAMIX]

GUNNAR over the counter eyewear uses a propietary lens material that has never before been used in ophthalmic appli-cations. Marketed under the trade name diAMIX Lens Material, this long chain polyamid thermoplastic exhibits optical clarity similar to ground glass, yet has the durability and impact resistance of polycarbonate.



Edge | Cloud
Lens Tint [iONIK]

IONIK lens takes artificial light and precisely tunesit to the physiology of the eye

  • increases contrast perception
  • shifts color spectrum for visual efficiency


Anime | Steel Blue

Lens coating filters transmitted light and protectsthe lens with an ultra hard outer coat on both interior and external surfaces

  • filters glare and reflective light
  • cuts visual noise
  • captures and amplifies good light